This Wireless Backlit Keyboard Can Easily Switch Between Devices

You need a keyboard that can keep up with you. Apple may consider its keyboard magic, but it clearly hasn’t seen Matias’ Wireless Backlit Keyboard. This aluminum keyboard includes a full-sized numeric pad, two separate batteries for powering the keyboard and backlight, the ability to pair with four different devices and easily switch between them, and much more. This is wireless done right at a fantastic price. I use this very keyboard in my office every day; it’s a seamlessly smooth typing experience with more functional keys than I’ve ever had. Check out all of the features that make this keyboard the best below.


This video is an excerpt from the iPhone Life Podcast.

The biggest selling point of the Matias Wireless Backlit Keyboard for me was the brilliance of including two separate batteries. The Matias keyboard is designed to last a full year on a single charge, which is why it has a huge battery at 1600mAh. Apple’s ‘magic’ keyboard only lasts a month! But backlighting can eat up the best of batteries; so Matias decided to include a second battery dedicated to powering the keys' backlighting. The second battery is 1400mAh on its own and will last up to two weeks with consistent night-time use.

That’s amazing! Especially since the keyboard will continue to work just fine even if the backlight battery needs to be charged. You can also adjust the brightness level to your preferences or to make the backlight battery last a little longer.

My personal favorite feature of the Matias Wireless Backlit Keyboard is the ability to pair the keyboard with four different devices. But instead of having to open the Bluetooth menu and go through the whole pairing process each time I want to switch devices, there’s a button right on the keyboard that I can press to quickly switch without interrupting my workflow whatsoever.

This keyboard is designed for use with your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, which means it has all of the Mac-friendly function keys you need. Another great feature is the keyboard’s ability to be always on and connected, just like a wired keyboard. It’s really nice to wake up by my computer and immediately get to work without needing to think about powering up the keyboard and connecting it to my computer. It just works.

The Matias Wireless Backlit Keyboard is available in Silver and Space Gray. It’s also available in various different keyboard layouts for languages around the world, including German, French, Japanese, and more. Having used this very keyboard for the past couple months, I highly recommend it. From the stellar battery life to the fantastic features that make it stand out from the crowd, the Matias Wireless Backlit Keyboard raises the bar for all other keyboard manufacturers. Get one today.  

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