The New iPhone X Is an iPhoneographer's Dream Come True

Whether you are an amateur iPhone photographer, a professional iPhone photographer, or a professional SLR photographer, you have ample reason to rejoice. The new iPhone X is a photographer's dream come true. The iPhone X is the most advanced iPhone ever, and its cameras are no exception to this fact. The rear 12MP dual cameras support deeper pixels, and new and improved color filters. The new iPhone X also features a new telephoto camera with improved Optical Image Stabilization (OIS).

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The New iPhones Are A iPhoneographer's Dream Come True

Depth-sensing camera technology on both the front and rear cameras of the iPhone X allow for precise facial mapping and, one of my absolute favorite camera features to date: customizable studio-lighting effects generated by smart-camera AI supported by Apple's A11 Bionic chip. What this means is that photographers can now select from a variety of portraiture studio effects, such as Natural lighting, Contour lighting, and my personal favorite, Stage lighting (mono or color), and Studio lighting.

Portrait Mode also features improved background blurring, better low light performance and sharper detail. Regular photos also benefit from the new Apple photography technology, as it renders enhanced scenes with faster auto focus, better color capture, advanced pixel processing, and higher quality HDR photos.

The rear dual cameras consist of one wide-angle camera with an f/1.8 six-element lens, while the telephoto camera, using a "seven-magnet solution", includes a powerful f/2.4 telephoto. Both cameras have their own OIS, and working together, they enable optical zoom to get closer to your subjects while capturing some of the crispest, richest and most detailed portrait shots this writer has ever seen. Videos also benefit from Apple's advanced image stabilization technology, and you'll notice reduced motion blur, whether it's from your hand shaking or the structure or vehicle you are on shaking.

The New iPhones Are A iPhoneographer's Dream Come True

The new cameras also come with improved flash. Now, a Slow Sync flash combines a slow shutter speed with a short strobe burst which helps the cameras capture better images in low light conditions. Additionally Apple's Quad-LED TrueTone flash creates better, more uniform illumination. Apple's Live photos also benefit from the new cameras as you can make creative video loops and play around with long exposure effects and new filters.

My conclusion; even if none of the other features of the new iPhone appealed to the geek in you, the greatly improved photo capabilities of the new iPhone X make it hard to resist if using your iPhone as your primary photographic tool is of any importance to you. Based on the cameras alone I can say that the iPhone X is worth the upgrade, especially for any photo pro, but even for the photography hobbyist.

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