Daylight Savings: 3 Alarm Apps to Help You Adjust

This year, Daylight Savings begins on Sunday, March 13. We’ll spring forward an hour, get more sunshine, but also feel as though we’ve gotten an hour less of sleep. That means we’re going to need an extra boost to get out of bed on time as we adjust to the change. These three alarm clock apps use various methods for helping you to wake up and get up once we’ve made the shift for Daylight Savings.

Wakie - Voice Conversation App (Free)

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Get a 60 second wake up call from a stranger with Wakie app. This is an awesome idea because conversation stimulates the brain enough to really wake you up, and you get to talk to random people around the world. Wake up early? You can be the stranger who calls too: choose the topic and call others to wake them up. Rate the person after you chat and keep in touch with those you connect with.


Carrot Alarm - Talking Alarm Clock ($2.99)

A part of the beloved yet twisted Carrot app family, Carrot Alarm is determined to get you up, and she gets angry when you don’t. Wake up each morning to a mix of songs and witty dialogue. But beware, if you hit snooze Carrot will bribe and threaten you. Once you’re up, Carrot has you complete a couple simple games or tasks to make sure you’re congnant. If you get up on time often enough, Carrot will even read you bedtime stories.


Step Out Of Bed! ($1.99)

Step Out of Bed, literally. The only way to turn this alarm off is to get your butt out of bed and take the allotted number of steps. You can snooze, but only for a limited duration until you must complete one of two available tasks: either set a location which you must take a picture of before the alarm will go off, or walk a certain number of steps. You can wake up to your own personal music and listen to it while you take your steps.

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