72 New Emoji Are Coming to Your iPhone—And Bacon is One of Them!

72 New Emoji Are Coming to Your iPhone—And Bacon is One of Them!

Brace yourself—the Unicode Consortium (the non-profit organization governing emoji) has given final approval of 72 new emoji characters, which are set to be released in Unicode 9.0. That means we may very well get to see these characters in an iteration of iOS 10! Are you excited? Because I’m excited.

These new characters would include gender-matching pairs as well as popular user requests like bacon, a black heart, and a nauseated face. Personally, I’ve been frustrated for a long time by the absence of avocados and mermaids in by messages (Well I have!). Although Unicode doesn’t appear to have approved a mermaid emoji—a tragedy in my book—they have approved of an avocado emoji, and I suppose that will suffice for now.

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Unfortunately, these new icons won’t be added to Unicode 9.0 until June 21st, which means we are unlikely to see them in our Messages app until a later iOS update. It took Apple a few months to integrate last year’s characters into its iOS platform after all. But with so many emoji characters to choose from now, finding the emoji you’re looking for might be a bit tedious. Here’s hoping that Apple figures out a way to make navigating those emojis more simple.

For now, check out this list of the following emoji candidates that have been accepted for Unicode 9.0 here. Note: I didn’t realize I needed a lying Pinocchio face emoji until now. 

What emoji characters do you wish you had? Let us know in the comments!

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