Forgot Your Restrictions Passcode? How to Reset It without Restoring Your iPhone or iPad

Your restrictions passcode on iPhone can be reset without restoring your iPhone. Well, not reset exactly. But this is a sure-fire way to find your restrictions passcode, which will allow you to take restrictions off your iPhone or reset the passcode. In essence, this is an article on how to recover your restrictions passcode on iPhone. At some point, we have all forgotten our restrictions passcode on iPhone, but Apple hasn't set up a fail safe for turning off restrictions when you don’t know the password. So we’ll use a simple workaround that will allow you to recover your restrictions passcode, so you can either turn Restrictions off on your iPhone or reset the passcode to something easier for you to remember. But if you happen to forget your restrictions passcode again, this article will be here for you. I’ve been so happy to see the comments from users this article has helped. If you forgot your restrictions passcode, follow carefully along below and you'll be able to change your restrictions passcode in now. It’s good to note that this article works for the old and new iOS (including iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11). You can use this tip to take Restrictions off your iPad too. Here’s how to recover and reset your restrictions passcode when you don’t know the password on iPhone or iPad.  

Restricting the use of certain apps and settings for kids is one of the iPhone's best features; but if you forget your Restrictions passcode, it’s nearly impossible to reset your restrictions passcode without this work-around. To reset restrictions on iPhone, we'll look within a backup using an online software, which is free! Once you know how to reset restrictions, you'll be able to use this great feature without worrying about forgetting your passcode.

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Restrictions on iPhone or iPad is Apple's answer to parental controls. It allows you to set limits on what your children can do and access on your iPhone or iPad. But when you don’t know the password, Restrictions becomes a pain in the butt. No worries though, we’ll make it easy to recover your restrictions passcode so you can turn off restrictions or reset your passcode. 

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Forgot Restrictions Passcode? How to Recover It


  • First you need to back up your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, and make the backup unencrypted. You need to do this for two reasons:
    1. If something goes wrong, you'll be able to restore your iPhone.
    2. We’ll use the iTunes backup of your iPhone that’s stored on your computer to figure out the Restrictions passcode you forgot.
  • To back up your iPhone to iTunes, simply plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes.
  • Select the little phone icon near the top that appears when you plug in your iPhone.
  • Under Backups, select This computer and make sure Encrypt iPhone Backup is not checked.
  • Click Back Up Now.

Once that’s prepared:

  • Open the file that downloads and install the program to your Applications folder (on Macs).

  • Then open the program iBackupBot. It’s going to load the backup information for your device. This may take some time.
  • If error messages pop up while iBackupBot is loading your info, just tap Ok. It will still load what it can and the info we need will be there regardless.
  • Once it finishes loading your info, you’ll see the folder for your iPhone near the top. Within that folder, select the System Files folder.

  • From the list, select the folder HomeDomain.

  • Open the Library folder.

  • Open Preferences.

  • In the search bar, type and tap enter on your keyboard.
  • Find the one that says Click on it.

  • A window will pop up asking for your registration information. Simply press Ok. Press Ok again. Then select Cancel. The information you need will pop up.
  • Now open up a new browsing window and go to
  • Go back to iBackupBot and copy the code under Restrictions Password Key. Then paste it into the proper spot on the iOS7hash website. Do the same for Restrictions Password Salt.

  • On the website, leave the Starting Passcode at 0000 and the Last Search Code at 9999.
  • Click on Search for Code. This will take some time as it searches through the possible codes. For example, if your code was 1111, it won’t take as long to get to that possibility. But if your code was 7865, it’s going to take a while before it gets to that number.

  • When it figures out the code, a window will pop up with your four digit Restrictions passcode.

This worked seamlessly for me, and it’s the only legitimate way to recover your forgotten Restrictions passcode that I’ve been able to find. Now you can open Restrictions on your iPhone, enter the passcode, and change what you need to or turn Restrictions off. This tip works for iOS 7, 8, 9, 10, 11. My iPhone is running iOS 11.0.2 and I had no issues following the process and getting my Restrictions passcode. The only small issue I had was closing iBackupBot when I was finished, but I simply right clicked on the icon, selected Quit, and restarted my computer to close it out completely.

How to Turn off Restrictions on iPhone

  • On your iPhone, open the Settings app.
  • Tap General.
  • Select Restrictions.

  • Enter the passcode you just got using the information above.
  • Tap Disable Restrictions. Re-enter your passcode.
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